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You'll notice this page does not include a contact form. Why? Because you are not an idiot (or you wouldn't be here) and you are fully capable of using a phone or sending an e-mail.

Please contact me for anything at all...except if you're selling something I have not requested to know about.

Allow me to switch to the first person, if I may.

My career includes highly successful marketing management positions with large and small companies, private and public companies and a couple of small companies that became larger ones while I was there. Mostly, I have worked with highly technical products, both hardware and software. Mostly, I have worked in business-to-business marketing.

So. Here are the various ways to get in touch:

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Various numbers to call:

Google Voice: This number should find me pretty much anywhere.

678.713.4MAY (4629)

Cell: 404.217.3124

Our home number is unpublished and it forwards to my cell phone anyway. Also, we hardly ever answer it. We own it, it does not own us. Yeah, right.


Get more details:

Please use the links below to download and/or view my current Resume. It is available in several formats for your viewing convenience, but the content is the same. If you would like a copy in yet another format, let me know. Note, however, that I will not carve it in stone. It's too heavy to ship and I change a lot.

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