What does Peter May do?
What does Peter May do?

A lot.

Here, you will find links to a number of examples of my work. You will see that they are highly varied in terms of the markets served and message content. If you would like to see more and/or different work samples, drop me a line or give me a call. I'm adding to this page on an ongoing basis, so check back to see what's new. Note that some samples are in Adobe PDF format. If you don't have the free reader, use the link below (really far below) to get it.

Follow these links to read stories I have written for HowStuff Works.com:

How to Defrag Your Hard Drive

10 Great iPhone Apps

10 Off-the-wall iPhone Apps

How to Donate Your Computer to Charity


Follow these links to read several press releases:

Sarah Haskins Takes Silver in 2008 Triathlon World Championships (for Blue Competition Cycles)

Navicure Announces Advanced Remittance/EOB Capabilities

NDCHealth Announces New Release of T-Rex One
Software for Independent and Regional Chain Pharmacies


Try these links to see some catalog stuff. Note that some links are complete catalogs and others are selected sections so you don't have to download such a large file.

Blue Competition Cycles Catalog -- complete

Lund Catalog -- complete

Lund Catalog -- selections

AVS Catalog -- complete

AVS Catalog -- selections


Now, let's have a look at some really great (if I may say so myself) collateral materials.

Brochure touting the benefits of combining Navicure's claims management solutions with NextGen, a leading practice management software solution. I wrote and designed this.

Really cool brochure promoting Lund International's program to support dealers who sell the company's automotive accessories. Copy is mine, design by my friend Andrea. She is great. Call for her contact information.

Another great flyer I did with Andrea (words and music). This one is about a special program from Lund to provide bonus cash for dealers. Note that this was designed for use at a tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Here is a brochure that promotes the new T-Rex Enterprise software solution for chain pharmacies. The message supports the idea of efficiency increasing profits and T-Rex maximizing efficiency.


These examples of technical writing were done for Siemens. They are a great client and I've learned a lot about technical writing and electrical distribution technology. Who knew the power we use at home is considered low voltage. Cool stuff.

This is a lengthy and complex manual describing in great detail the steps necessary to program a computerized lighting control system. You won't make it through the whole thing, but at least you know I have the necessary attention span to pull it off. In reality, it was fun and fascinating.

Here's a technical brochure outlining the benefits of the Siemens Arc Flash Sentry system. This protects electrical workers from being electrocuted, so it's pretty important to these folks. Another great learning experience for me.

This is a technical brochure describing Siemens' unique approach to automated lighting control systems. The SIPOD allows engineers to add automated control capabilities to existing Siemens lighting panelboards. It's a huge step forward.


These links will take you to several online training courses I wrote and designed for Siemens. These were completed in record time to allow their sales people to complete each of them prior to a major training event.

This course covers the basics of lighting control systems using Siemens i-3 technology.

Here's your chance to learn about transformers. Not the ones from the movies. Sorry about that.

Ever heard of busway? Me neither until I entered the world of Siemens. Busway is used to distribute power throughout a facility more efficiently than using wires and conduit. It's also cheaper and easier to install.

You'll find out here that switchboards are not just for telephone systems. Another thing I learned at Siemens. It's worth a look to see how power distribution really works.


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